Andrei Trazona (Izzy Trazona-Aragon’s Son) Age, Father, Drag Queen Sofia, Height, Siblings & Facts

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Andrei Trazona is a Filipino singer and drag queen who goes by the stage name Sofia. He is the son of former SexBomb Girls member Izzy Trazona-Aragon and the founder of the dance group Philippine Island Assassins, Michael Arapeles. He is also the stepson of StarStruck alumnus Alvin Aragon. Andrei rose to fame as a social media star and dancer on TikTok, where he has over 50,000 followers.

He is also a member of the boy group Beyondzer, managed by House of Mentorque. Andrei made headlines recently when he revealed his drag persona Sofia and joined the online drag competition Bunganga Battle Royale. He also sparked controversy with his mother, who publicly expressed her disapproval of his sexuality and drag career.

Young Andrei with his mother Izzy Trazona
Young Andrei with his mother Izzy Trazona

Quick Data

NameAndrei Trazona
Also known asSofia
Real nameSebastian Andrei Dewey Arapeles
Birth dateJanuary 16, 2002
Age21 years old
Birth placeQuezon City, Philippines
ResidenceManila, Philippines
EducationUniversity of Perpetual Help Molino Campus
OccupationSinger and drag queen
Years active2021 – present
AgencyHouse of Mentorque
ParentsIzzy Trazona-Aragon (mother) <br> Michael Arapeles (father) <br> Alvin Aragon (stepfather)
SiblingsYanna and Zoe (sisters)

Who is Andrei Trazona’s Real Father?

According to the web search results, Andrei Trazona is the eldest son and child of Filipino dancer, singer and former member of SexBomb Girls, Izzy Trazona. His stepfather is actor Alvin Aragon, who was a finalist in the reality show StarStruck in 2003. His biological father is Michael Navarro, who founded the dance group Philippine Island Assassins. 

Andrei Trazona wiki

His real parents got divorced when he was younger. Andrei recently came out as a drag queen and sparked controversy with his mother. His father, however, supports his child’s journey as a drag performer2. Andrei now goes by the name “Sofia” and performs in various shows and events.

Andrei Trazona with his friends
Andrei Trazona with his friends

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What Happened to Andrei Trazona?

Andrei Trazona is the son of Izzy Trazona-Aragon, a former member of the popular Filipino girl group SexBomb Girls. He recently came out as a drag queen and introduced his drag persona Sofia to the public. However, his mother did not support his decision and expressed her disapproval on social media. She said that she loves him but does not agree with his lifestyle because it goes against her Christian faith. She also said that she wants to save him from harm and point him to Jesus.

Andrei Trazona is a drag queen
Andrei Trazona is a drag queen

Andrei responded by saying that he lied in a previous interview when he said that his mother was supportive of him. He said that he felt hurt and betrayed by her message and that he wished she would accept him for who he is. He also said that he is happy and proud of being a drag queen and that he does not need her approval to live his life. He thanked his friends and fans for their support and love. He also said that his biological father, Michael Navarro, supports his journey as a drag performer.

Andrei with his mother and sisters
Andrei with his mother and sisters

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Interesting Facts

  • Andrei started dancing at a young age and was inspired by his mother, who was part of the popular girl group SexBomb Girls.
  • Andrei has a tattoo on his left arm that says “Izzy”, which is his mother’s name.
  • Trazona is a fan of K-pop and loves the groups BTS, Blackpink, and Twice.
  • Andrei is also a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality show that features drag queens competing for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. He admires the drag queens Manila Luzon, Aquaria, and Violet Chachki.
Insta ID of Andrei Trazona
Insta ID of Andrei Trazona
  • Andrei’s drag name Sofia was inspired by the character Sofia Vergara played in the sitcom Modern Family. He said he chose the name because he wanted to be “funny, sexy, and sassy”.
  • Andrei’s drag style is influenced by his mother’s SexBomb legacy. He likes to perform sexy dances with props like chairs and poles. He also likes to wear colorful wigs and outfits that show off his curves.
  • Andrei joined the boy group Beyondzer0 in 2021, along with six other members: Jelo, Jemuel, Jhonny, Jomar, Joshue, and Justin. The group debuted with the single “Bakit Ba” on February 14, 2021.
  • Trazona is the main dancer and vocalist of Beyondzer0. He also helps with the choreography and songwriting of the group.
  • Andrei joined the online drag competition Bunganga Battle Royale in 2021, hosted by drag queen Vinas Deluxe. The competition features 12 drag queens from different parts of the Philippines who showcase their talents and personalities through various challenges.
Andrei Trazona wikipedia
  • Andrei’s drag motto is “Be yourself because everyone else is taken”. He said he wants to inspire other people to embrace their true selves and not be afraid to express themselves.
  • Trazona had a public feud with his mother Izzy in September 2021, when she posted an open letter on Facebook asking him to come home and stop doing drag. She said she did not support him because she believed it was against God’s will. Andrei responded by saying he loved her but he did not want to live in a lie. He said he was living responsibly and honestly and hoped she would understand him someday.
  • Trazona received support from many celebrities, LGBTQIA+ advocates, and netizens who praised him for being brave and authentic. Some of them were Mela Habijan, Aliya Parcs, Eva Le Queen, Matilduh, Miss Everything, Brenda Mage, and many more.