Krisztina Wilders (Geert Wilders’ Wife) Wiki, Age, Daughter, Husband, Net worth & More

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Krisztina Wilders is the wife of Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who leads the Party for Freedom (PVV), a right-wing populist and anti-Islam party in the Netherlands. She is a former diplomat from Hungary, who met her husband in 1990 when he was working as a parliamentary assistant for the conservative-liberal People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). They married in 1992 in Budapest and have no children.

All About Krisztina Wilders

Krisztina Wilders is the wife of Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands. She is a former diplomat from Hungary, who met her husband in 1990 and married him in 1992. They have no children, but they have two cats.

Krisztina Wilders and her husband Geert Wilders
Krisztina Wilders and her husband Geert Wilders

They live under constant security threats due to Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam and anti-EU stance. They support each other and share the same vision. They have a net worth of around $1 million and live a modest and frugal lifestyle. They like to read, watch movies, listen to music, and travel in their spare time.

How Old is Geert Wilders’ Wife?

Krisztina was born as Krisztina Márfai in 1964 in Nyírparasznya, a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár county, near the Ukrainian border. She is of Jewish origin and has a brother named Zoltán. She attended the University of Debrecen, where she studied international relations and languages. She speaks Hungarian, Dutch, English, French, and German.

Career and Diplomacy

Wilders worked as a diplomat for the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1988 to 1998. She was posted in several countries, including Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. She also served as a liaison officer for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war in the 1990s. She resigned from her diplomatic career in 1998, after her husband left the VVD and became an independent member of the Dutch parliament.

Husband: Geert Wilders & Kids

Krisztina and Geert Wilders have been married for almost 30 years, but their relationship is not without challenges. They live under constant security threats due to Geert Wilders’ controversial views on Islam, immigration, and the European Union. They have to change their location frequently and stay in safe houses or military barracks. They rarely appear in public together and have to wear bulletproof vests when they do. They have no children but two cats named Lola and Kala.

Geert Wilders biodata

Despite the difficulties, Krisztina Wilders supports her husband’s political career and shares his values. She is proud of his achievements and admires his courage. She once said in an interview:

“He is a very special man. He has a vision and he follows it. He is not afraid of anything. He is a fighter. He is my hero.”

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Krisztina Wilders’ net worth is not publicly known, but it is estimated that she and her husband have a combined net worth of around $1 million. They earn their income from Geert Wilders’ salary as a member of parliament, which is about $120,000 per year, and from donations to his party and foundation. They also receive royalties from his books, such as Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me, which was published in 2012.

Geert Wilders controversy

Krisztina and Geert Wilders live a modest and frugal lifestyle, as they have to spend a lot of money on security and legal fees. They do not own any property or cars, and they do not have any savings or investments. They enjoy reading, watching movies, and listening to music in their spare time. They also like to travel, but they have to do it secretly and with heavy protection. They have visited countries such as Israel, Japan, and the United States, where they have met with political allies and supporters.

Wilders’ far-right party makes big gains in Dutch election, eyes PM role

The outcome of the Dutch parliamentary election that took place on November 23, 2023. The article focuses on the surprising performance of the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders, who claimed to have a chance to become the next prime minister of the Netherlands.


The Dutch election was held amid a political crisis triggered by the resignation of the previous government led by Mark Rutte in January 2023, following a scandal over child welfare subsidies. Rutte, who had been in power since 2010, decided to run for a fifth term as the leader of the center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD).

He faced a challenge from several parties, including the PVV, the new New Social Contract party led by Pieter Omtzigt, the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) led by Wopke Hoekstra, the Liberal Democrats 66 (D66) led by Rob Jetten, and a coalition of Labour and the GreenLeft led by Frans Timmermans.


According to preliminary results, the VVD emerged as the largest party with 25 percent of the vote and 40 seats in the 150-seat parliament, followed by the PVV with 17 percent and 26 seats, a significant increase from the 20 seats it won in 2017.

The New Social Contract came third with 15 percent and 23 seats, while the CDA and D66 tied for fourth place with 12 percent and 18 seats each. The Labour-GreenLeft coalition received 10 percent and 15 seats, while the rest of the seats were distributed among smaller parties.

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Wilders declared his victory as a “game changer” and said he was ready to form a government with other parties that share his views on immigration, Islam, and the European Union. He called for an immediate halt to asylum applications and the closure of mosques and Islamic schools. He also said he would seek a referendum on the Netherlands’ membership in the EU, following the example of Britain.

Rutte, however, ruled out any possibility of forming a coalition with the PVV, saying he would not work with a party that has an “anti-constitutional” agenda. He said he would seek to form a stable and moderate government with parties that respect the rule of law and human rights. He also said he would continue to cooperate with the EU and other international partners on issues such as climate change, trade, and security.

Other parties also expressed their reluctance to join forces with the PVV, citing its radical and divisive policies. Jetten, the leader of D66, said there was a “big risk” of an extreme-right government and urged progressive voters to vote strategically to prevent it. Timmermans, the leader of the Labour-GreenLeft coalition, said the PVV would exclude a million Dutch Muslims from the society and warned of the consequences of such a move.

Informative Facts

NameKrisztina Wilders
Birth NameKrisztina Márfai
Birth Date1964
Age59 years old
Birth PlaceNyírparasznya, Hungary
EducationUniversity of Debrecen
OccupationFormer diplomat
SpouseGeert Wilders (m. 1992)
PetsTwo cats (Lola and Kala)
Net WorthEstimated $1 million (combined with husband)